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So with all acquired information, so far im sure that im applying to York - biochem, biomed, biotech, and Ryerson - biomed engineering.
Although with my averages, im really scared i won't get accepted...
bio - 67%
chem - 78%
advanced functions - 65%
biotech - 85%
So i had a total average of around 73%

With this said, i really don't know what the chances are of me getting accepted now. I neeed to get into Life Sciences because that is the only faculty that truly interests me, and the only one i picture myself in.

I know york is a pretty good university, ryerson, kind of bad from what i hear, but these are the only Universities in Toronto apart from U of T (which im not even going to bother applying for). My question is, what are my chances of actually getting accepted into these programs ?

I was also considering applying to some universities outside Toronto, and was wondering which ones have a good reputation in the science area, yet have a chance in accepting me ?

Any advice would be really appreciated
Thanks for your time.
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With your average, you meet the min requirement for Lakehead, Nippissing, Trent & Windsor (if you're looking at schools outside GTA). For York, though, their cut-off is mid to high 70s, so your average falls short. You just meet the minimum for Ryerson, so depending on the level of competition for sci at Ryerson, it's a little iffy.
However, I still think you should apply for Ryerson, and perhaps the ones I listed above. They're not "known" for sci, but unless you can pull your Top 6 average up (you still have semester 1 exams, so study hard!), the chance of you getting into York, if you apply, may be slim.
Also, there's always the option of transferring to a different university after first year if you manage to get good grades in your first year of university :)
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