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I know that in the past, you couldn't get into the education faculty straight from high school. Is this still the case? Looking on the site, it's starting to look like you can, but if so, is this now the recommended path? Or should I still do my first year in another faculty?
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I'm in Ontario, but I'm going to make the assumption that the system in Alberta is somewhat similar to the one I'm going through to become a teacher. In that case, what I say is to go the path that gets you the most practice teaching. For example, I noticed that the 4 year program at University of Alberta only has 14 weeks of placement. By the time I finish my B.Ed, I'll have done 24. Most of my real learning has not happened in the lecture hall, but rather with the kids in the classroom. Of course, if you're qualified and confident that you can find a job then definitely go for the University of Alberta option. My view is that if you can graduate as a teacher and find a job quickly, then the degree track is good regardless of what anyone else might say about it.
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