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University of British Columbia or University of Calgary? (For Science)

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Hi Everyone! I need your awesome help!!!

I only applied to University of Calgary and University of British Columbia(Vancouver Campus and I am a BC student). So, basically I paid more than 100 dollars in each school. My first choice is University of Calgary(BHSc, Biomedical Sciences). I also applied to UBC(Science) just for my back up school. However, it seems that I don't want to go to U of C anymore because I am still waiting for their admission which will happen in August. UBC already accepted and is offering me a $2500 scholarship. They sent this proof of enrolment and I have to pay for 250 bucks by June 2nd if I am going to accept their offer.
Furthermore, I am planning to pay $50 residence fee to U of C but there is something in my mind that stops me from applying to U of C. If I am going to pay $50 to U of C and will be granted a residence room. I have to pay $1000 deposit but I am not yet accepted in their program because they told me over the phone that they will grant me an admission as soon as they will recieve my final transcript, which is around August. Meanwhile, UBC wanted me to pay the $250 deposit, ttwo days after U of C wants me to pay my residence deposit. I am now confused!!!

If you guys are in my situation. Which university are you going to choose? UBC or U of C just based on my tough situation!! I know both schools are great but the thing is, I will be wasting so much money if I'll pay all the things they wanted me to pay. It's like throwing money in the trash(they are all non-refundable)!!

*Anyway, I am planning to apply to medical school after my undergrad. This might help you to decide which school might be the best for me!! :)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!
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