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A photo of michaelplease michaelplease
Hello everyone!

I'm thinking about going to the University of Calgary before applying to medical school. Does anyone know what it's like?

E.g. how are the profs and students? research opportunities? is it hard to get good marks? class sizes? etc.

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A photo of ktel ktel
Warning: 90% of the kids on here are from Ontario. U of C doesn't even cross their radar most of the time.

I'm from Edmonton. Applied to U of C, went to U of A (graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering)
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
Hi! I'm a current U of C student in engineering, so post/pm any questions and I'll do my best.

Here's what I found in engineering:

Profs: Each semester I've had one outstanding-amazing-super-fantastic prof, three very decent profs and then a not so good prof. Luckily, all my lectures we decently sized (110 or so students) so there was room in other classrooms and most profs didn't care if you sat in on their lecture, so I could attend whichever prof I liked best.

I got a 4.0. So you can get good marks. There is constantly advertising across campus for Markin Undergrad research grants in health and wellness, no idea how many people get them. Also no idea what health sci research opportunities are available, but there are plenty of engg research opportunities.
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