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University of Guelph Admissions......

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I was wondering if you guys think I have a chance of being accepted to University of Guelph's Computer Engineering program. The only problem is I don't know how to calculate the average of my top 6 courses because I only have 4 courses completed so far. And they said they use the top 6 courses on there website.
So my question is, which grade 11 courses will they use for calculation of the top 6 courses?

The pre-requisites for the program are:
Calcular and Vectors (Taking, THIS SEMESTER)
Advanced Functions (ALREADY TAKEN Last Semester)
English (Already Taken last semester)
Chemistry (Already Taken last semester)
Physics (Taking, THIS SEMESTER)
Any other U/M course (Already taken last semester)

So seeing that I only have 4 grade 12 courses, what grade 11 courses (2 courses) will they use for calculation of the top 6 courses?

And do I have a chance of getting accepted into the program? The admission average stated was 76% - 80&.
MY AVERAGE FOR the 4 grade 12 courses is 80.75%. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE 2 OTHER COURSES NEEDED, Because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT GRADE 11 COURSES they WILL USE, WHICH is one of my questions.

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