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A photo of namelessxx namelessxx
Okay so I'm having major problems deciding which offer I should accept,
for Ottawa i got accepted for joint honours in political science and history with coop
and arts for mcgill
Law school may be a possibility after undergrad, but I'm having trouble deciding because Ottawa is offering coop.
Any help would be appreciated:)
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A photo of Jane239 Jane239
Hey! So this is my opinion:
Co-op is very valuable so that alone would make me say Ottawa. I think it would be easier to get a higher GPA from Ottawa so that might also make you want to go to Ottawa because a high GPA can help you get into Law school. Getting a scholarship from Ottawa is waaay easier than getting one from McGill, I don't know if you've received an entrance scholarship but I'm sure you could get one during the 4 yours if you work hard. Both universities provide the opportunity for French exposure. Mcgill, of course is prestigeous but if it is cheaper to go to Ottawa and you want to do co-op and are working towards law school I would go with Ottawa. Both campuses are nice, I actually liked Ottawa res more than McGill - maybe I went into a particularly bad one haha. In addition, the Graduate programs at Ottawa provide an impressive bursary to help fund your education (I have a friend that received a substantial amount).
Good luck deciding! :))
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A photo of namelessxx namelessxx
yup I got an entrance scholarship for 8000, but I dont costs is a major concern, but is having coop a really big advantage?
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A photo of Jane239 Jane239

@namelessxx wrote
yup I got an entrance scholarship for 8000, but I dont costs is a major concern, but is having coop a really big advantage?

I'd say so because then you get experience and could potentially have a job after you graduate if they like you. Since the government is located in Ottawa you could work there for co-cop. That would be great if you want to do Law. If you don't want the experience of working and costs don't matter then it sounds like you might want McGill more haha. But to be honest, I think you would have to work harder to get higher marks @ McGill if that isn't a concern McGill might be for you. I think it depends on what you are looking for, location is everything. Montreal & Ottawa are quite different.
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A photo of sunnshiine sunnshiine
Speaking as an individual in a situation much similar to yours two years ago, now attending arts (politics) at McGill after receiving scholarship offers of 80% of my costs at University of Ottawa, I have to say I don't regret going to McGill at all, despite the fact that I am in intense job search mode to no avail to the present.

It's not only the prestige that has really enriched my experience, but the incredibly international fabric and the competitiveness (which makes me challenge my self so much and has been good for my learning, for the most part). After three semesters of sub-par marks, I finally got the strategy down of getting the much sought after 3.7/3.8 GPA this semester. I'm not a genius by any means, I just worked hard and read strategically (meaning I read least than I've ever read this semester, did the most extracurrics, worked, and still did the best).

However, possess not sanguine conceptions about learning French because it's Montreal if that's a significant aspiration of yours, unless you go at it full throttle. I actually think U of O would be much better for that, given their French immersion stuff.

And again, if jobs are a priority for you, McGill's career centre sucks.

Good luck :)
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