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A photo of EngSciHopeful EngSciHopeful
hi i'm applying for engineering science at u of t. my marks are: physics: 94, chem: 94, math (first attempt 92, 2nd attempt 94), calculus: 98, english: 89. i have 4 main questions...

1. how many people to they accept to that program?

2. i have one repeated course, math (first attempt: 92... 2nd attempt: 98). i know that it was stupid to repeat it, but i did it last year i and didn't know it would have a negative impact on my chances of acceptance. will this affect my chances??

3. i take four ap courses (calc ab, physics, chem, and psych), will they take into consideration that i'm taking a higher level of courses? or will this not matter.

4. overall, what are my chances of getting in to engsci??

any replies will be greatly appreciated.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
1. i dont know look at there website or phone
2. they wont count the repeated course they'll only look at the first mark (92)
3. i have no idea what ap courses are so whatever
4. With your marks id be shocked if you didnt get in unless you've done absolutely nothing during highschool and your EC's are nonexistent but even then you should probably get in
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A photo of Chemistry Chemistry
1. Not sure about acceptance but about 300 students matriculate into engsci (although half of them are gone by the end of the year)

2. They will only look at the first one unless in the case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. coma)

3. AP and IB will give you an edge in admissions

4. Your marks seem high enough to get into engsci. Hopefully, you have some ECs in there.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I applied to the EngSci program too.. However, I attend high school in Denmark (Europe) so I really don't know what grades are required from me, which makes me slightly anxious :bounce:

Anyone knows how to convert ECTS grades to the Canadian system?

Any help appreciated.
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