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University of Toronto: Colleges HELP

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Hi I applied for two programs at the University of Toronto
-Life Science (Mississauga Campus)
-Rotman Commerce (St.George Campus)

When I was choosing the colleges rank,I had put Trinty as #1, now I have to complete an Trinty profile (here is view only verison: http://db.trinity.utoronto.ca/Profile/index.php)

1.Will this Trinity profile admission affect my chances of getting into the other programs such as Rotmac or life scn.?
2.What happens if I get 'rejected' during the admission process will I be assigned a new college? What are the point of these colleges??

3.OUAC: Now that everyone has submitted their OUAC 101 application, is it possible to add new programs to the list, such as Life Science at the St. George Campus for UofT?

4.Rotman Commerce Supplementary: do you only get 60 minutes to complete it how does this work?
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A photo of trappjef trappjef
College rankings have no impact on admissions or academic choice. Colleges are social and administrative homes (like a combination guidance office/home room/principals office) and, possibly, a residence. The college system is only for the Faculty of Arts and Science on the downtown St. George campus. Here is some more detail http://www.artsci.utoronto.ca/futurestudents/colleges/index_html.

You can only choose one Admission Category in the Faculty of Arts and Science. For you - Rotman OR Life Science, but not both. If admitted into Rotman, you can still do a minor or possibly a major in Life Science but students in Life Science cannot do minors or majors in commerce.

When you have time for your Personal Statement, you will go onto the site, read the instructions and then receive a randomly generated question which you will have 60 minutes to complete. The answer is only 400 words so there is lots of time to think about your answer, polish and refine it before submitting.
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A photo of utorontoeric utorontoeric
If you get rejected by Trinity, then you will be automatically considered for your second choice on your ranking.
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