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University of Toronto: Missisauga Management help needed

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Hello all!

First of all thank you for reading. :cheers:

I know some of you have been in this position sometime in your life as a first year student: Course Enrolment and planning.

I really need some assistance in this whole course planning, I want to do Management with political sciences. However, I have absolutely no idea where to begin and how to plan my four years

I have checked the UTM Time Table Generator and some codes; for example: MGM01010 then MGM01020, I understand 1 is first year but I don't understand the the purpose of the "2"..

I have also been invited to an introduction to management (ER MGM1) course but when I try to enroll it says course is incorrect or does not exist.

It is first year and I am getting extremely nervous and I hope I don't panic...

Thank you all in advance!

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the codes that say LEC0101 or LEC0102 are the lecture times. there are usually 2-4 lectures for 1st year classes. just pick the ones you want for that timeslot.

and you are getting an error because the enrollment time for 1st years is not until july. you have to wait until then, they will give you a time when you can enrol. just wait and see on ROSI what that time is.
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A photo of Anthony125 Anthony125

thanks for the quick reply,

so for example if there is 101 to 106 it means 6 different lectures or 6 classes to choose from (teaching the same thing)
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you can attend any lecture you want, even if you are registered for a specific one. they dont take attendance, and the material is all the same. I just enrolled in a lecture and just went to the one that best suited my schedule.

HOWEVER, this is an exception to what i just said. ECO100Y you have to go to your registered lecture, because they give marks for participation.
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A photo of Anthony125 Anthony125
Thanks for all your help!

All my first year management courses have an "H" Im assuming that is for half credits, apparently I have 1 course in Fall and 3 courses in Spring, that only brings me to a total of 2 Credits... Am I suppose to mix with other areas or am I missing out on something on the course planning calendar?

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