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University of Waterloo Accounting Financial Management (AFM) Question

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I going to per-emptively excuse myself for my lack of knowledge before I begin with my question.

So, I applied to the Accounting and Financial Management - Chartered Accountancy Co-op. As you know, you are required to write the AFMAA test for it, which I have been invited to. I was looking at some of the past questions, and this is one that completely confused me:

"Of the two co-op work options in Accounting and Financial Management, please indicate which co-op work option you have applied to – Financial Management or Public Accounting – and your reasons for wanting to seek work experiences specific to your selected co-op work option."

Now my question to you is, what work option did I apply to? I have absolutely no idea which work option I applied to! I have searched everywhere, even on my OUAC account, but all it says is I have applied to ccounting and Financial Management - Chartered Accountancy Co-op with the program code(WPA). I would really appreciate if anyone can help me. The test is the week after the next and I am really freaking out.

Thanks a lot and once again, sorry for my ignorance.
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Public Accounting I think. The AFM - Chartered Accountancy used to be called AFM - Public Accounting (AFM-PA, hence the WPA code).
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They've changed the naming of the co-op options. There used to be two co-op options, "Public Accounting" (PA, OUAC Code WPA) and "Financial Management" (FM, OUAC Code WFM) and now they have changed to the ones you know, "Chartered Accountancy (still OUAC Code WPA) and "Business & Finance" (still OUAC Code WFM).

That question was posted a couple years ago when they used the previous terminology (I'm not sure if it ever appeared on a prior AFMAA, but that's irrelevant). So just change those two to the current terms and you have a potential question (or you have an idea of what the question(s) could be like). Don't worry, if they were to give you something like that on the AFMAA it will be using the current names, that's just a discrepancy they haven't gotten around to changing. You will hear those terms used over and over on AFMAA day if you come early and talk to current students/faculty and hear the panels and stuff, and gradually all brochures/web pages/etc. are being changed.
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