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University of Waterloo aif HELP!

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I am applying for the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Waterloo.
In the AIF of University of Waterloo, there is an essay question on "Reading Interests" under the Engineering tab.
Specifically, the question says :
Discuss a book or a written article that you particularly enjoyed or that has had an impact on you. Preferably choose a book or article that was not part of a course at school.
Does this book/article have to be related to engineering? If so, will a Science Fiction (a little misleading, and inclined towards Environmental rather than Electrical engineering) do?

Also, in the Courses section, they ask for Course Level. I study outside Ontario, so what level do I fill it as? Also, my session starts in April, and not Fall. So what do I write in the before August courses and after August courses? Because they both are the same, i.e. of grade 12.
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it doesnt matter what the book report is on. i did mine on the Book of Negros (a novel) lol. i honestly dont know of any electrical eng books that would be worth reading the entire thing.. and what do you mean by session? what province/ country are you from?
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