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University of Waterloo?

A photo of kalik2486 kalik2486
Just curious, is anyone applying to Waterloo Honors Life Sciences? What are the pros and cons of applying to biochem coop vs. bio-medical science (no co-op)? I heard Waterloo is very well-known for its coop programs but a biomed major is more flexible, is this true? Thanx in advance for answers.
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A photo of raymondkhanano77 raymondkhanano77
I've been accepted into UW Life Science program! :D I don't know if I will go, but in the mail package I got from them it says that 67% of students go onto graduate studies. I also feel that it would be a much more relaxed place to study life science since the other schools I applied too are all really competitive.
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A photo of Jrodd21 Jrodd21
Yup, I am in first year in biochem co-op. If you are looking for more flexibility then go with biomed, as biochem is a lot more rigorous and you don't have any electives in the first year. It is a great program though at a great school, but be prepared to work hard!
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