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University of Western Ontario health sciences&med school...?

A photo of kelso547 kelso547
Okay, so I have a lot of questions, I'm not quite sure how the whole med thing works, University kind of confuses me. So anyways here are my questions...what's the average grade (or what grade did you have) to get accepted into health sciences at UWO? an you go to medical school after that/does it lead up to medical school or a requirement to medical school? and what highschool courses should I take if I want to enter into health sciences? are there anyother prerequisites? How tough it the course? Am I on the right track?

Sorry if any of these questions are dumb:$ just tryng to plan ahead early;) oh and these are my courses for next year by the way:

Grade 11 University English
Grade 11 University French (it's core by the way but we're in the same class as the French immersions and learn the same french as them this year so we catch up a lot!)
Grade 11 University Biology
Grade 11 University chemistry
Grade 12 University Data Management
Grade 12 University exercise science
Grade 11 Mixed Intro to psyhology
Grade 11 Open girl's fitness (Yes, I know this won't help but it lightens up my schedule)

oh and in grade 12 this is what I'm planning to take but obviously it can still change:
Grade 12 University English
Grade 12 University French
Grade 12 University Biology
Grade 12 University Chemistry
Grade 12 University Philosophy
Grade 12 University Advanced functions
Grade 12 University Calculus

My average is cureently about 90-92% but since I get to choose all my courses except english (which is a pre req) in grade 11 and 12 it should go up because it'll be courses I want to do and are generally interested in plus I'm dropping from International Baccalaureate level (except for French) to University so yeah.

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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
Health Science at UWO is a social science but I think you take biology in first year. To my knowledge you'll have to go out of your way to fill the rest of the prerequisites.
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A photo of SuccessIsLife SuccessIsLife
Honestly, you don't need to take Data and Management in Gr. 12.
Take Calc. & Advanced Functions. apply to the Health Science or Biological sciences. Aim for 80+ average in University and apply to medical school :) VOLUNTEER A LOT.
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