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University of Windsor: Communication, Media, and Film

A photo of swimchick772 swimchick772
I love the idea of this program it offers me television,film and communications education in one degree which is cool cuz i love them all and most schools offer them seperate, so i was wondering if anybody knew anything about this program?
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A photo of Creativeindividual Creativeindividual
Hey i heard about this program, it sounds good:) Plus no math! LOL i think:p
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A photo of kdinunzio kdinunzio
I actually live near Windsor. From what I've heard the program is phenomenal and it's definitley a good idea if thats what you're interested in learning! It's really convienent and saves you from taking all those different courses!
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A photo of Emmm Emmm
I am interested in this program too :)

I live close to Toronto, so it would take me about 4.5 hours to get to Windsor, and I am really intrested in going to this school for this program, I have applied to this

I hope you see this response even though you posted the thread back in August
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