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I still have a year and a half until applying to universities, but there's no harm in asking right?

I want to go into an aerospace engineering program (pursuing an astrospace engineering career in the future).

I know that if I do my undergrad at one university, I shouldn't do grad degrees at the same university. I don't want to leave Canada for my graduates to be honest, but that may change in the next few years. I currently like UofT's grad programs. (or should I go elsewhere, then to UofT?)

For my undergrad, I've been looking at Ryerson, but York has been sitting in the back of my mind because they have a space engineering program.

Would anyone care to give their view(s) on my thoughts?
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Personally i dont know a whole lot but here's what ive heard...... Aerospace and mechanical are very related. So looking at going into a mechanical undergrad then an aerspace graduate degree isnt a bad idea. Contact universities such as uoft, waterloo etc. and ask their mechanical eng department the same question as above. If you can contact or talk to people in the industry that would be best. Since your only in grade eleven (im assuming) you have more then enough time to gather this info. Very few people on this forum have knowledge on this since most people on this forum are highschool students.
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Aerospace engineering is both the most specialized and the most diversified field. Generally, a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering is required to work as an aerospace engineer. The Universities like Texas offers this degree as well as Master's and Doctorate programs. Successful aerospace engineers have proper educational background, possess good communication skills and are committed to work efficiently as a part of team. For further information on aerospace engineering and related universities you may check this link http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/dg-engineering-101.aspx
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