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University work-load

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Hi guys

I assume it's hard to answer this question because most of you just went to one university, but can someone tell me what they think work-load of the different life science and health science programs in Ontario is, mainly: Queens, OttawaU, McGill, McMaster, and Western.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
It's hard to answer because the difficulty changes each year within programs too. For example for Mac health sci:

1st year = easy
2nd year = worst year of my life academically
3rd year = easy (not as easy as 1st year but way easier than 2nd year)

For Mac life sci, 1st year is harder than 1st year health sci. Not sure how to compare subsequent years because you choose a major at the end of 1st year and the difficulty will depend based on that (eg. if you major in physics/chemistry then it'll be hard, if you major in psych/biopsych then not so much).
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