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Unrelated program major

A photo of Dessolition Dessolition
I go to a school for accounting, that doesn't have much of a rep regarding law and have no experience in law firms. Would it be impossible to get in?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
No as long as your GPA is good. In fact there are engineering and math undergrads who go to law school and those majors have nothing to do with law.
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A photo of RBF RBF
Nope, if you have a GPA that's high enough and a good LSAT. Law schools don't care if your major is basket weaving; so long as you can score high enough to get in. This is because what you learn in law will be mainly unrelated to what you learned in undergrad (with the exception of some things... constitutional law is somewhat related to political science; tax law to accounting, etc). They are just looking for intelligent people with logic and reasoning skills (which is what the LSAT is designed to test)--it doesn't matter what undergrad program that intelligence is shown in.
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