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UofA NEEDS my partial IB marks...?

A photo of Flooks Flooks
For final admission, apparently i need to give them my ib marks, my course marks are enough for me to get in but they want everything... my problem is that i cant get my ib transcript in on time, do u think they will accept it late (aug 1 is deadline) if i phone them? do u think theyll even look at my ib scores( since they're not ganna be that great anyways).


any feedback would be appreciated =)
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A photo of OscarUK OscarUK
You can get the IBO to forward them directly to the university, that's what I did however I signed up for that service months ago... not sure if they still will but worth a phone call. The reason they want to see them is to check you have done as well as you were predicted to do and thus have met their terms of admission, if unis didn't check final results schools could simply predict anyone 45 and get them into the top unis even if in the end they got 24.
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A photo of ktel ktel
They probably want to see if they can give your transfer credit or something. Just contact them and tell them that you can't get it to them until later.

Why didn't you put them down to receive transcripts earlier though? I remember there was an option for that when I did IB.
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
Yeah i requested the IBO to send the transcript, but they say they will take 2 to 3 weeks for them to send it, even tho its going to be sent electronically, still will prob take at least 2 weeks so definitely it will be late, i phoned them and they said they would just judge my admissions based on my Alberta Ed marks if my IB marks werent sent on time (assuming that they know the IB transcript is coming)

and the other thing is, im partial IB, didnt give them my predicted grades, therefore the only thing they know about me is that i took partial IB, which in my opinion is so pointless for them to know, especially knowing that I didnt do well enough for first year credit.

For now im fine, did anyone apply to Lister residence late too? im on the waiting list =/
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A photo of ktel ktel
Yup someone else is in your shoes too:

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A photo of WayneQ WayneQ
I'm kinda in the same shoes as you on the admission thing..
which number did you call to get that info..?
and do possibly know the E-mail address for the UA admission office?
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