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UofC - Will I get accepted?

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I want to go into the first common year of Engineering at the University of Calgary. I didn't get off to a great start this semester:
ELA 30-1: At LEAST a 70%
Math 30 Pure AP: An 80% if I get a 90 on the Diploma
Physics 30: 70%

Then next semester:
Math 31: 90%
Chem 30: 80%

That's a 78% average. At most the cut off percentage at the UofC for Engineering is 84%, and never exceeds that. What do my chances look like for getting into the UofC? I'm studying very hard for the math and physics Diploma, and I'm sure my English mark will go up a bit more.

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I really don't think there are any engineering schools that have an admission average below 80%, sorry to say. Try to push it up to that magical number
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A photo of MuffinMerc MuffinMerc
I'm trying my best to get an 80%. If I make that average, how do you figure my chances then?
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In addition, check out the requirements for U of C engineering:


" in recent years students required an average of approximately 80 percent or higher in order to be admitted "

You'll note they give students the option of having calculus or not, but if you don't have calculus you need a higher average. With calculus the minimum average allowed is 75%.

If you get over 80% you should be able to get in to U of C. You should also apply elsewhere (U of A for example)
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