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UofC & UofA Questions

A photo of endonline endonline
Hi there, I am a Grade 12 student currently in Alberta. I just wanted to know what are my chances of getting into one of these 2 universities (UofC and UofA)? My marks overall are roughly mid-80's, so basically subjects like Social Studies, English, Math, various Sciences and other subjects are more or less mid-80's. My science courses are roughly high-80's. I can't seem to break into a 90, and I do decent enough to keep out of the 70's.

If it helps, my goal is to enter a science program and later applying to enroll into the Pharmacy program in UofA. Maybe I'm stressing too much, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask.
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A photo of michaelplease michaelplease
If you google the UofA and UofC admission standards, they are relatively low (around 78% for biological sciences). I don't see you having trouble getting in.

If you apply for the Pharmacy program they may look at your high school marks, so you should try to get above 90 (most of your competitors will have).
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A photo of stefantsang stefantsang
I got accepted into u of a this weekend at their admissions workshop for engineering and general science. My average was a 93, completed math 31 and 30, and physics 30 last year. I think if youre 10% above their admission average you have a very good chance of getting in. And if you can get into u of a, you can probably get into u of c easily
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