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UofC or SFU?

A photo of miniluv68 miniluv68
I got accepted to both the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University. Which one do you think I should choose? I'm not exactly sure what kind of degree I want, but I know it'll be in the Arts/Humanities.
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A photo of Zion Zion
What are your criteria?

They're ranked pretty similarly, so I don't think I'd worry about reputation too much. Visit the campuses and see which you feel more at home at. Consider things like student satisfaction, cost, and extracurriculars too.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I've never seen U of C myself, so I don't know too much about that school, but I do know people that went to U of C.
It depends on what you would like in a school, like Zion said.
The thing with SFU is that it's on a mountain. On top of a mountain actually, not even kidding.
At least that stands true for the Burnaby campus, if that's the one you're looking at.
The view is really nice up there, though.. must say.
Another good thing about SFU is that since there's 3 campuses.. one in Burnaby, one in Surrey, and one downtown, you can take courses at any of the 3 campuses.
But in the end, it really depends on your own personal preferences.
Reputation wise, I don't think it would be very relevant to you since you're not going to be applying to med school or something like that that looks at the school's prestige.
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