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UofT - Change in program - Cumulative GPA

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I'm currently studying at UofT but on academic probation due to problems in meeting GPA requirements for my program.

Does anyone know whether my GPA will still be cumulative if I change program of study?
I'm hoping to be able to get a fresh start if I were to change to an entirely new program, but not sure whether it is possible.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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You should contact your registrar's office for this kind of question, as the staff there are best equipped to answer that kind of question. I highly doubt that the school will erase your academic record even if you change your PoSt (my friends have done it, for reasons other than academic probation, and their previous grades have remained intact on their transcript).

I can tell you, though, that you shouldn't be too concerned if you are worried about how previous academic performance in a poorly chosen major might affect your eligibility and/or chances of getting into grad school. Grad schools typically look at the last two years of study (unless the program is really competitive), and they are usually more lenient when it comes to bad grades in first year. Also, if you are worried about how your GPA might affect your ability to find a job in the future, again, no need to worry - employers don't care and usually don't ask, unless you're trying to get a job in teaching.
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Unfortunately those grades will always be on your transcript. Fortunately, like Spengler said, it probably won't matter.
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