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Uoft admission problem

A photo of Ozinator Ozinator
So I have a dilemma, I've finished my courses and I didn't remember calculus was a prerequisite for u of t life science stgeorge campus. I thought it was only adv functions in which I got a 93 in

Here are my marks:

English: 90
Biology: 96
chemistry: 88
Nutrition science: 94
Psychology: 96
Calculus: 61

Avg: 87.5

With that mark in calculus will they accept me????


I rechecked einfo and chem isn't a prerequisite, so substituting that with my adv functions mark my avg jumps to 88%. It doesn't say there is a min avg requirement however it says calc and English is paid more attention too :/
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
If calculus is a prerequisite, i dont think you have much chance of being accepted since U of T says something like particular attention is on those prerequisites on their site. And that means at least an 80.

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