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UofT alternate offer question (HELP!)

A photo of itruffles itruffles
I applied to UTSG for social science but I got an alternate for UTSC instead. Now, my average was a 74 for first semester (lol) but with midterms coming up it should rise to an anticipated 79-82 because 2 of my lowlow marks will be knocked out of the top 6.

Is it possible for UofT to offer me the original @ UTSG after midterms? :/

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A photo of LRooke LRooke
I believe so.
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A photo of studentR93 studentR93
They should, especially if you are 80 and/or above. You should call their admissions office about it - they will tell you what would happen in your current situation.

Good luck:)
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A photo of itruffles itruffles
So in my letter they told me that they would tell me if I got in UTSG or not in late May

I found out my midterm marks today (except one) and my top 6 average will 80.3-81 with a 91 in English.

Do you think I have a chance :S?
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