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UofT Confusion

A photo of eagerbeaver2010 eagerbeaver2010
Hey guys. Sorry if this may seem like a weird question, but I really dont understand.

Whats this whole thing about people applying to Victoria, Trinity, etc? Are we only supposed to apply to the 'colleges' if we plan on staying on residence. Cuz I know for sure I wont live on residence, do I still need to fill out a "college" application? Would this in anyway affect my engineering Track One application??
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A photo of RobDipp RobDipp
I'm pretty sure its only for residences. It was the same for my application last year. When your in Uoft you don't belong to a college as the faculty is pretty much separate from the rest of the campus. Just put some down it wont be recognized if your not staying on res so don't worry.
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A photo of eagerbeaver2010 eagerbeaver2010
Okay, so I dont have to write all these crazy "look at a picture and talk about it" essays???
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