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UofT Course Waitlist

A photo of Annnaa Annnaa
Hiya there! Not sure if I'm posting in the correct section but seemed the most fitting. However I do apologize if I did.

I am currently a first year student at the University of Toronto and I was just wondering what's the chance of me getting into these courses for the spring semester.

1. SOC103H1 S - Social Institutions: 145/1045
2. GGR112H1 S - Geog Globaliz & Dev't: 61/108

To me, it seems pretty bad but I've also heard that students do a lot of timetable change so I'm just hoping people will drop out of the courses like dead flies.
Also, if I don't get another credit which I need in order to meet my requirement, should I just take summer school for a .5 credit?

I just wanted to have an idea of where I stand atm. Thanks a lot :D
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A photo of uHByde uHByde
Hey anna, im also in first year at U of T.

I'm on the waitlist for SOC103h1 S, right now and ranked 92. A few weeks ago i enrolled and was ranked 138, so you can tell theres not much of a diff. Anyway, I hear lots of ppl usually drop out of the course after they do their Term 1, 2 and exam tests for SOC102H1 and realize they don't like it so dont want to continue. Also,i hear alot of people drop out of this course near the beginning of second semester. For a class size as big as this course, there's no doubt I think we are gonna get in.

As for that GGR112h1S i was considering taking that course since it's obviously a "bird" lol. But, when I saw the waitlist I'm like forget it. You may not get into that course, class size is pretty small. You've got to be realistic i guess.

As for the summer school question, I don't recommend it, well because it's "summer" but if you feel that's what you should do then by all means. Another option is try to find another course maybe.

Good Luck in trying to get into those courses! = )
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