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UofT Engineering Student Profile Need Help

A photo of ARollingStone ARollingStone

I am having some trouble filling out the Student Profile for UofT and I am just wondering if you guys/girls whom either already have finished applying or know how to, will be able to answer my questions below:

Education Timeline: At first you answer the date and then yup are prompted with an option to add institution what is that for? Also is there more to filling in that section because I don't want to save and not be able to go back and change it.

Academic History: When completing this you are required to submit your grades, Are you taking a risk by giving a course this semester that you possibly can do better on the semester before, for example, I got a 88 first semester in Religion but I have Comp.Eng. course this semester and i could possibly get a 90+.

Finally, Extracurricular Activities: How much do they matter at University of Toronto, I have limited amounts of community service but have good marks..will it affect my application because I've heard different things.

Thank you, your help it is greatly appreciated. :brilsmurf
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
The institution is the school that you studied at. If you filled that in for your first school, then don't hit "add institution" as it's for people that have been at more than one.

From what I've heard, UoT Engineering won't reject you because you have no ECs, if your grades are high enough.
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A photo of TTRaptors TTRaptors
A university would not reject you outright for lack of EC's but if someone can multitask between decent marks and hours of free time + volunteering then they probably stand a better chance of getting in compared to the person who strictly abides to study!study!study!
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A photo of nakhuda93 nakhuda93
Don't make the same mistake as me. I thought the essay was 3000 words not characters lol.
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