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A photo of murtadikhan murtadikhan

I don't know if this is true or not.
I've been told that you can only apply to one program/college at the Faculty of Arts & Science. You can only choose one program from commerce, sciences, computer science, humanities/social sciences.

Can someone verify that for me?
Because I was going to apply to 2 humanities/social science programs(BA)

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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Yeah I'm pretty sure only 1 program from each Faculty. You don't want a bunch of overlapping with people applying to 3 different programs at multiple faculties.
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A photo of Nyx Nyx
There's no point applying for 2 programs in arts and science now, it's really easy to pick whichever you want after first year.
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A photo of takavar takavar
Do not worry about your major as of now. Just make sure when applying in arts and sciences you select life sci, humanities, soc. sci etc. Course selection for first year is divided into time slots based on that selection. You can always study whatever you want but changing your mind over the summer might result in it being more difficult to get your courses.
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A photo of cm0011 cm0011
Unfortunately, this is true (n) I found this out in frustration when I wanted to apply to Computer Science and French at UofT St. George. But like the others have said, first year is just general, you can take courses in a bunch of stuff, and decide if you want to switch at the end of first year.
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