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I am a transfer student from BC, and I recently got accepted to Innis College. When I was applying I did not really look into each college, I just put Innis on top because the website mentioned that the rez was newer than the other ones.

I applied for Life Sciences. So I wanted to know if there are a lot of Life Science students at Innis.

I also wanted to know what people think of Innis College in terms of Life Sciences. Im not too familiar with the College system so I dont know which is the best college for Life Science students and for someone wanting to get into medical school.

And most importantly I just realized that Innis does not offer a meal plan. So what would I have to do, if I cant find time to cook. Can I get a plan from some other college?

Thanks :)

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I chose New College because I think that is where most of the science courses are.
but I don't think the college choice matters when you apply to medical school

yes you can buy a meal plan from a college

info about meal plans
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