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UofT Lifesciences--Do they consider marks outside the top 6?

A photo of supernerd707 supernerd707
My problem is that the marks that I absolutely need to get into the program are not as high as some of my other classes. In English, my teacher teaches 2 of the 4 grade 12 English classes. I'm actually getting one of the highest marks in his class. I've gotten 90s on all of his assignments, except one where I got a 70. He is a very hard marker-- I'm only getting 83. There are only 3 other people who I know are getting 80s. Everyone else is getting a 70. My bio, advance functions, calculus, and chem marks are not that high either. Mid 80s, chem 88.

I also take a few humanities courses, these subjects I excel at. Philosophy, economics, politics are all mid 90s. I love essay writing. But none of these subjects are going to be considered for my top 6 marks, b/c UofT has to look at English, chem, biology, calculus, advance functions, and I guess one of the humanities courses I take.

So will they look at it?

And any secrets, tips to getting my average to a 92? I really want that $2000 scholarship. And for the scholarship, do they only consider that average that you get into university with? Or do they consider the average you graduated with?
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A photo of JaadeC JaadeC
I got into Life sciences a UTSG vic college with not sooo high marks, really...
I had the same thing: In Belgium your grades depend on your high school. I'm in one of the hardest so I had to study ALL the time to have some 80's while some other kids at easier schools got 90's by never opening their books. I mean, I did not party at all for more than a year. I know I got amazing grades for my high school... but still, its only an average of 80/85.
So I think you have all your chances! Just send your grades... You can't do anything else ! You won't send a special letter to UT.. Cross fingers :p The worse that can happen is that you dont get in UT which happens also if you dont try :)
And your grades are good. I had one 70 also. Don't worry, if you're not already offered admission, you will I'm sure...
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A photo of Sheldore Sheldore
No they don't, I got accepted and I got a 70% in grade 12 english and an overall grade 12 average in the low 80's, but that was cause I totally slacked off and chilled after I got my acceptance letter. In reality, U of T accepts a ton of students, the cut-off is like 75% grade 12 avg. which is really low, they know that they can make some money off of these poor kids so they accept alot.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Yep, I would think your marks are fine now.
But next year... we'll see if you can still keep the 80s...
UTSG will kill you GPA wise.
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A photo of Terrl Terrl
The average for science is 86.6%.

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