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UofT low class averages...MYTH??

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You know how people say it's hard to get good marks at UofT and everything? And that they purposefully try to maintain a low class average?

Do you think that's true? My friend's brother goes there for engineering and he's getting stellar grades, and he did good (not AMAZING) in high school.

PLUS, these two UofT students say it's not true. One even says that MOST OF THE CLASSES AT UOFT HAVE A CLASS AVERAGE OF B OR B+.


Just log into your account, watch the webcast that says "Myth Busting"

One student (the girl) laughs and says it's not true and that she's never seen that before. And the guy was like the averages in class are pretty high.

Then again, they're in arts...but still.

Do you believe that UofT is actually hard, or people are making it up / failing students at UofT come here to complain?

Because personally I know my friends' brothers/sisters are getting good grades at UofT.
What's your take on this?
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Read what I posted here: http://www.studentawards.com/Forum.aspx?g=posts&t=14551&find=unread

Most university classes will follow a normal distribution. Shockingly enough, not everybody is going to get the exact same grade (note my sarcasm). Some people will do poorly, some will do well, and the average will probably be around a C+ to B- in first year, and may go to a B- to B in upper years for engineering
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