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UofT Materials Engineering, my chances? :S

A photo of natatlie343 natatlie343
Hey guys, I need some help :S

The requirement for Materials Engineering is mid 80's to high 80's...

My marks are:

Advanced Functions: 87%
Physics: 80%
English: 72%
Calculus: 89%
Programming: 94%
Chemistry: 84%

Total Average: 84%

English totally killed me -_- but I have at least 9 extracurriculars and I am very involved with leadership. I believe I wrote a pretty good SPF as well

What chances do you believe I have to make it to this program?

Really appreciate anyone's help, thanks
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It's really iffy because of the English. They might overlook it seeing as the main courses they care about (Calc, Phys, Chem) are all good, but you never know.

Not too many people go for Materials either so that might help. Good luck.
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