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UofT Math Minor Courses

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I'm currently in Second-Year and am interested in pursuing a Math minor at UofT.
For a Math Minor one has to complete:

1) MAT 135Y(135H,136H)/137Y
2) MAT 235Y/237Y
3) MAT 223H
4) 1 of MAT 224H or MAT 244H
5) 1.0 credits at the 300-level

I completed MAT135Y last year and got an A- and am currently taking MAT235 aiming for a B/B- (I currently have 78% but the prof said to expect your mark to take a hit after the final).

For the 300-level, I am planning on taking MAT390H and 391H (History of Mathematics). Or are there any other 300-level courses that you would recommend that are fairly easy.

Essentially I am asking about the difficulty level of MAT223H, MAT224H, and MAT244H. How difficult are they for someone who is okay at math but not great. How do they compare to say, MAT135 (difficulty-wise - I know content wise they are completely unrelated)
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MAAT223 is a bird course if you get into S.Uppal's lecture. I just did my first test 4 days ago and felt like getting 90s. Basically you don't need a high intelligence to do well on it. JUST PRACTICE

also I've heard that MAT224 is awful and my upper year friends told me avoid it if it's not in the program requirements.

MAT244...idk. not too challenging I think
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