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UofT or McGill?

A photo of christinanewall christinanewall
So I've been stressing out about which university to choose for my undergrad. I've narrowed it down to either UofT for International Relations (I also applied to the Trinity One Program) or McGill for International Relations. I'm also planning on attending Law School after my undergrad.

Some factors to consider:
I currently live in Toronto
I'm in a relationship (3+ years) and even though it shouldn't affect my decision it does
I JUST got a part-time job which I really enjoy
I would be staying on residence at either university

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A photo of Serllen Serllen
You should NEVER let school get into something that you like, love, enjoy, passionate about or interested in!! XD
(sorry if this statement doesn't help you much)

What I think is that you should check if you have been accepted into Trinity One, if you are accepted, then I think you should strongly consider to go to U of T since, from what I have heard, their seminar courses are really well designed and enjoyable. This is just my opinion, look more and talk to your friends/family to see what suits you the best, good luck~
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