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UofT Physics: To take, or not to take

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Hello. I'm in my final year of high school, and I am considering applying to the University of Toronto (St. George Campus). For my first year, I would like to take the Biochemistry course. After some research, I've discovered that Physics (SPH4U) is reccommeneded, which also means that if it was not taken in grade 12, it will have to be taken in my first year of university.

How is physics in university, and what is that particular course called? Furthermore, would taking Physics in university help towards the entry to Medical School?

Answers are appreciated. Thank you for reading. (:
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First year physics at UTSG is really easy. As you go up the years the physics you learn start getting really intense.

I'm pretty sure at least a year of physics is a mandatory requirement for most medical schools. Physics is very much a weeder course, it gets rid of people who are retarded who want to be doctors. If you are smart then you will find physics really easy. If not then you will find physics to be difficult.
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