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UofT: Picking a college

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My goal is to get an English Bachelor Degree then later attend Law School or teachers college. I had a "glance" of the 7 colleges that are offered for the Facility of Arts and Science (UofT). I'm considering Victoria, University College and __________.

My question is:
Do all colleges offer similar courses? Does it matter what college I really pick and would it effect my career path? I assumed that maybe one of the colleges that I do pick don't offer courses that I do need/want (eg. English, Japanese, Arabic, Philosophy, etc.)
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Anyone can take courses offered anywhere on campus. The college you're a member of has nothing to do with your program. Some colleges host specific programs but it doesn't matter (for example Trinity hosts International Relations, but non-Trin students can and do take IR).
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Yeah I had that same problem with choosing a college, but at the end of the day, it really matters about how you feel like staying at that college for four years. Don't care about the alumni, and don't care about the most popular. The education is the same for every college at U of T. Since you will be there for four years, apply to one where they offer the clubs and associations you like, or if they have a nice location around the campus etc. :)
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