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UofT Q&A (St.George Campus)

A photo of Jarven Jarven
Going to UofT St. George, I had very many expectations which were completely different from what I truly experienced.
Ask any questions you want and I'll answer it to the best of my ability.
Here's some background info about me...
I am a Life Science student at UofT (Victoria College) and like many other students and I came from a highschool in Ontario (one of the toronto suburbs)
My Highschool average was somewhere between 90-92 (i had a 92 at one point since I got the 2000 dollar scholarship from UofT). In highschool, I took French, English, Advanced Function, Calculus and Vectors, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and some random filler course.

I just finished my first term at UofT which consisted of these courses...
MAT135-86%(A) Class Average:C+
BIO120-92%(A+) Class Average:B-
PHY131-83% (A-) Class Average:C+
Environmental Studies-81%(A-) Class Average:B-
CHM151-NO MARK (This is a full year course so I don't get any mark until the end of the year) My current mark is probably around 74-76 (yeah f-ed this one up badly...)
My current GPA is 3.85
if I included my general idea of my mark in chem then it would be around 3.7ish; not great but my MedSchool dream hasn't been crushed yet.

Currently Taking:

Ask me any questions regarding student life, courses, grades, clubs and whatnot and I'll try my best to answer them and I'll even dispel any UofT myths you may have.
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A photo of Wisechap Wisechap
Hey, Hi!
Can you tell me something regarding Rotman Commerce? It is said that Rotman Commerce program is the toughest program in UofT? Is it really that hard?
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A photo of MCelestial MCelestial
Hi! :)

Firstly, wow good job, you've got stellar grades :)
Anyway, I have four questions:

1) What's your method of studying? I don't know how to start preparing myself at all for this "tough" environment.

2) Are you a commuter student or do you live on rez?

3) How's CHM151? I'm going into chemistry, and I believe I'm required to take that?

4) How's the student life? I know people argue that studying is important but... I think student life is extremely important as it helps ease the stress!
One of the reasons why I'm picking UofT is because it's in toronto with the independent music scene! Would you say there are events at UofT for that?

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A photo of Jarven Jarven
I don't really know much about Rotman Commerce to be quite honest. I do know a few (2!) people who go to Rotman and I never see them around. I assume(!) it must be harder than a lot of universities. Actually I have a friend who was doing business at Ryerson and switched into UofT for East Asian Studies and he's telling me that East Asian Studies at UofT is way harder than business at Ryerson. That probably wasn't helpful but did give you an insight on the difficult level of Ryerson business and UofT East Asian Studies.

1)I don't have very efficient methods of studying. Like most high school I procrastinate but I do so WAY LESS or else I would fail lol. Keep up with your readings(super important). Do your homework (its very helpful). I also workout at the gym 3-5 times a week; Remember that a Fit Body=Fit Brain :D

I also generally study in like 4 hour blocks when I finish my classes early than I end the day by working out. Go home then do a bit of reading at home.
Download your lecture slides and go through them. Eat healthy, etc... you know the works :chef:

2)I'm a commuter. 1.0-1.5 hour commute=Hell
Sleeping in your own Bed=Awesome
Sleeping in a girl's bed=Heaven
It sucks to be a commuter solely due to commuting but that doesn't mean you can't have fun. I've had my fair share of sleeping in the various colleges common rooms.

3)This Chemistry course goes much faster than (organic chem) CHM138 and (physical chem) CHM139; you cover both organic and physical chem AND INORGANIC. I believe our labs are better and we do less boring things and personally I enjoy them. I didn't keep up with my reading for this course and I read them all before the exam... all in all, I got lucky and got a high 70 on the exam while I thought I failed. As long as you don't make my mistakes you'll love this course (i loved it and still do)

4)Its an okay student life here. Its easy to get involved in clubs and stuff and there's always a club/pub night every week. It's easy to make friends, go to sketchy parties and have fun. You just need a little more initiative (especially for commuters) to go do that here then at other universities with a much tighter knit community.
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