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UofT screwed me over. -____-;

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I was offered admission into mathematical and physical sciences, specifically computer science and physics specialist program. The problem? 4 of the 5 courses that are my specialist requirements, which are the prerequisites for the courses in second semester, are also offered in second semester. Since the courses are not co-requisites of each other, I have to wait another year until they are offered again in order to take them and fulfill the requirements for my specialist. In that time, I am going to have load up on useless electives that I won't even need for my program, just to fulfill my full course-load requirement.

Is there anything I can do about it? I tried calling my office of registrar (Trinity) and emailing them, and no response. It's been 10 business days. -____-;

I've heard all the rumors of UofT purposely screwing their students over, but I never thought it was this close to reality.
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Yes, sometimes universities are actually this stupid. My boyfriend had some problems with his M.Eng and courses not being offered in the year he was doing the degree (it's a one year degree), and he wasn't about to go back for a second year. You just have to keep hounding them about this issue.

What does U of T recommend for scheduling? As it is a 4 year degree, unless this pushes your other courses back, taking the 4/5 courses in second semester this year, then taking the rest in 2nd year shouldn't be a huge problem.
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Does U of T provide you with a suggested course program? I know at Guelph, they lay out exactly what you are supposed to take each and every semester, with "elective" or "restricted elective" slotted in to those spots where you get to choose what to take.

Normally if you follow the recommended course program, you should have no problems. I'm surprised a huge university like U of T doesn't publish recommended course programs/course sequences for all their majors or specializations.

If there is no standard course program that you can follow, do you have an academic advisor for your program that you can contact? Again, here at Guelph we have an academic advisor for each program and/or faculty/college. The advisor can help you with course selection and often can help you get into courses that are required for your degree. Does U of T have something similar?
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