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UofT SPF Education Timeline..........

A photo of cheers123 cheers123
What exactly are they looking for in this?
I wrote around 5 sentences about the grades I have attended, the exams I have written etc.I didn't mention any EC's as there's a seperate section for it.
Do you think that about it, or are there any vital information that I haven't written?
Thanks in advance!
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A photo of sascer520 sascer520
Wait so what exactly do they mean by "grades you have attended," shouldn't it be more like the schools you have attended. I am confused about that too. Right now I have that blank with just my school name and the years i have attended. These Supplementary forms are really stressful. Sadly, I don't know why I am doing them since I am considering Victory Lapping:(. But good luck with your application; I have applied for engineering too. I'll try to research some more on this and let you know.
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A photo of cheers123 cheers123
Thanks for your reply!For the grades attended part I simply said that I've attended grades 9,10,11 in the same school and will be completing grade12 too in the same school.I couldn't think about anything else to write. And yeah these forms have me really stressed out.By the way what's Victory Lapping? 0.o
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