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UofT St. George Computer Science: Calculus Cutoff?

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What are the Calculus/Advanced Functions cutoff marks for Computer Science at UofT St. George campus? I know my friend mid-70s in Calculus and got rejected from the program. Although I think his other marks were not the highest either, like 70s-mid 80s.

My marks in Grade 11 were really high, four of my eight courses were in the 90s, and the others were in the 80s, except for one, Grade 11 Functions, which was a 71. However, I retook it in Summer School and got an 85, which I have been told is mostly likely the one that will be considered for early admission.

I guess you can see my problem, I struggle a bit in math. My marks for Grade 12 this year are:

English: 91
Computer Science: 91
Philosophy: 85
Advanced Functions: 78

Now I believe I can bring my Advanced Functions mark to a low 80 by the end of the semester, but I'm just going to assume it will stay at a high 70. Now next semester, all my courses are really easy for me, I know I can get high 90s in them, except for Calculus, which I might struggle in. What would I need to get in Calculus to have a good chance of acceptance, with consideration to all my other marks that are all pretty much 80s/90s? And what's my chance of early acceptance? Sorry for the length! :O Thanks a bunch :D
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