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So I'm currently a gr.12 student in a semestered school
and I've applied for a couple of universities, but the main one that I'm focused on getting is the life sci program at UofT. It's really stressing these days though, because my marks are SO low. My prereq/top 6 marks are

English - 81% (Sem 1)
Chem - low 70s?
Calc - mid 70s?
Bio - low 90s?
Music performance - 97
Orchestra - 95

I have chem, calc and bio this semester and since universities look at midterms, I doubt i can pull the marks up that much... Any suggestions? :S
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Hmmm.. estimating some of your marks
your top 6 average will come out to be somewhere in the low to mid 80s..
depending on your Chem, Calc, Bio, and English mark.
I would say to get into U of T Life Sci, you would need at least an 86 average, which won't be too too hard if you're already in your mid-80s.
I think you just need to try harder in Chem and pull that low 70s up to a mid 70, and try to pull your mid-70 in Calc to a high 70s to low 80s.
Your bio mark is good, your English mark could use a little improvement, but it's okay where it is now if you maintain it and can pull your other 2 marks up.
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Also - Chem 12 is very concept based, it's not all calculations. So spend more time going over the concepts.
I find that Calc is a lot more concept than Math 12 as well, so spend some time trying to learn the concept behind that too.
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