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UofT St.George Computer Science Conditions

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Hey guys,

I'm what some would call a mature student, although there is no official classification for mature students at U of T. I plan on calling soon to get an answer to what I'm about to ask anyways, but thought I'd run it by you guys first.

I finished high school in Alberta in 2009 but did a victory lap at a day school in Ontario shortly afterwards (2010), the school counselor transferred all my Albertan credits on to the OSSD so it essentially looks like I'm on track finish my OSSD.

I did some more upgrading through the upgrading at the ILC through 2011 and recieved a conditional offer for Computer Science a while back. The issue I have with this is that the terms and conditions only state a requirement of 80 percent for Calculus, there is no mention of needing to complete a diploma. Does this mean they recognized me as having already finished my diploma in Alberta(I handed that transcript as well)? Or are they assuming that I'm on track towards finishing my OSSD?

Sorry if the above doesn't clarify my situation well enough. Also, if you're a U of T students, could you post your Conditional offers (verbatim preferably)?
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