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UofT vs Ryerson

A photo of jem17 jem17
I've been accepted to both Ryerson for Arts and Contemporary Studies and UofT for Humanities and am completely torn between the two schools. I love that Ryerson offers such a large variety of classes to take but UofT has a better rep. Between the two schools and programs what would be the better chance of getting a higher GPA? I've heard that UofT standards are extremely high but just wanted to know if it's true about the arts and science faculty.

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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
U of T has more courses and a better international reputation. It's also more difficult academically. I think it depends on your personality. I'm not afraid of dedicating several hours of work for each hour in lecture, because I want to gain a deep understanding about my chosen discipline. For me, the push will not be that of impossible standards but a call to excellence.
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