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UofT vs UofW - English

A photo of Alikiya Alikiya
I'm planning to major in English and I'm debating between these two school. I've visited both campuses and I'm alright with both.
UofT- I live in Toronto so a quick commute there, and I'm good, no need for res or anything
UofW- I'd need to live in res (I visited V1 and I know that it's not the only res, any thoughts on the others?), but the UofW co-op for English is promising and I know that would open up a few doors.

Any input on classes, the conditions of the classes, the quality of the classes for either university? Any pros and cons you think I should consider? Any help would be appreciated, thanks (:
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A photo of ktel ktel
Toronto would be cheaper for you, which is good because a lot of English majors have to go on to do further training (grad school, journalism, whatever). But the co-op at U of W would definitely help you find a job.
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A photo of napinhei napinhei
The opinion and advice that I would offer would differ depending on what you plan on doing with English... Do you have any clue what you would like to do after you're done your degree? If not, do you at least have a few possible ideas in mind? Or are you entirely unsure?
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