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UofT waitlists with one month until classes start

A photo of magpie magpie
does anyone have much experience with waitlists this close to the start of classes? I am debating putting myself on a waitlist, I would be # 41 for a 208-seat class. but I would have to remove myself from the only other lecture offered that is now full, so I risk losing a spot in that course all together.
it is a class that would go towards a POSt so I need to take it. I'm kicking myself for not putting myself on the waitlist right away because I'd probably be in by now. there were 45 people on the waitlist at the end of last week, now it's 40.
I'm already waitlisted for another course I need to take in winter term, so I'll be making an appointment with an academic advisor to see what I can do to make sure I get into that one.
being totally honest, I really want to be in the other class because currently my schedule SUCKS. as it stands, I'm in all the courses I need to be in, but most of my classes are full-year so I'll be stuck with this terrible schedule Sept - April.

anyone have some insight? much appreciated :)
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A photo of ktel ktel
I would just wait until closer to when classes start. That's usually when people start messing around with their schedules and spots will open up. It might mean you have to spend an entire day on ROSI, but there are worse things.
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A photo of kraken kraken
If I were you, I'd stay in the sucky-schedule section right now as it's unlikely 40 out of 208 will drop. then when class starts and the waitlists are taken down, check ROSI obsessively to see if a spot opens in the other one. if not, at least you don't lose your spot.
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A photo of UniKid UniKid
Well these are the important dates for courses this year:

September 12 - Classes begin in F and Y courses

September 18 - Waiting lists for F and Y courses turned off

September 25 - Last day to add or make section changes to F and Y courses

So, what I would recommend is stay in your bad time slot for now as by joining the waitlist, you risk losing the course altogether. Wait until the first week of school ends, and then on the 18th (Sunday) just keep refreshing on ROSI and hope someone drops it and you get it since the waitlists disappear and it becomes a free-for-all.

I remember I dropped a course after the end of the waitlist, and someone picked it up in under two minutes - so you have to be quick and very lucky, but if its a big course theres a bigger chance especially if people don't really like the course after the week

If its the same prof teaching both sections, you can probably just stay enrolled in your current section and just attend the other one anyways.
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A photo of kraken kraken
^ you just said exactly what i said. congrats.
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