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A very competitive Business school in Ontario, and all of Canada. And the fastest growing. The Business program in UOIT definitely deserves it's own thread.

Who applied/got accepted? Why did you choose UOIT etc. Talk away!
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:cheers: cant wait
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Many people don't really favour UOIT just yet, since it still kinda new but it definately might be one of the hardest universities to go to in the near future. Their business program is definately something to look into due to their cooperative education program which is a start. It is a small enough school to get around and find all your friends easily. And also the cafeteria offers a variety of food from chinese to hamburgers to timmies which is another plus point. =)
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A photo of renecm renecm
I love going to school at UOIT! The campus isn't huge, so it doesn't make you late and it's not that hard to find your way around. A lot of the buildings are connected so you don't have to go outside to much in the winter or rain. Most of the teachers are very engaging. They're really expanding as a school. They're currently building a new building. They have also are the greenest school with their heating and cooling system, their green roof, their water pooling etc. The laptop system is nice and very handy, it may be a bit pricey but they cover a lot of your problems and all your software. You also get to buy it for a dollar when you graduate if you want.
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A photo of Serendipity Serendipity
UOIT! heard it's the Wharton of Canada.

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Is this entire thread the same person?

Is this person affiliated with UOIT?
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>very competitive

You can only choose one.
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@UOIT wrote
Who applied/got accepted?

Those two groups of people are the same.
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