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A photo of lenanova1 lenanova1

I wanna ask a few things. Before I do, I would like to ask those uneducated people who will simply complain about the school not having enough places to get wasted and party and rub against perspirating people, as well as those people who will complain about the fact that mobile learning program (the whole laptop thing) is a rip off, to leave and not waste this posting's space.

Now, I am really set on going to UOIT, in fact I am really excited, I have been going there quite a few times to visit my friends who attend the school for game development. I've even attended some lectures in the university and if this is useful to anyone I will explain my opinion about this university.

The visual and structural aspects of the school are beautiful. It is although not a big school, it is brand new, and sparkling clean. I absolutely love that, its simply a pleasure to be in the surrounding facilities. There are a large number of study areas, which all have an inline connection to the internet and plugs for your chargers. Also just about the entire campus (even the outdoors) have wireless connection. (Little secret) The downloading speed is INSANE, and if you are a fan of downloads.. you will really enjoy the speedy and free downloads:compress:!! I haven't been to the gym, but I heard its great, and its kidna cool that you get to enter by using your fingerprint. Also if anyone is worried... there is a sex shop on the premises ;) It is in fact right beside the gym. Also if anyone or anyone's overprotective parents are worried about your "safety", tell them to chill out, because there is a police and firefighter academy on campus, so whether you like to watch hunky guys, or are worried about your safety... not to worry!!! There is also a library, and a E.P Taylor pub which hosts many events and serves affordable and descent meals.

Many people have "issues" or concerns with the social life. Yes it is a "tiny" university in comparison, yes there aren't really any "fun" activities there. But really the generic definition of fun for many would getting a few drinks and may be go clubbing. First of all, Toronto is not THAT far away, if you have your favorite clubs there, then take a bus, your student card, lets you buy discount passes from GO transit. Also, your student ID car will give you FREE transportation in Oshawa, Pickering, and some other places, I just don't remember. So, your travel, and "fun" isn't so limited after all. And hey.. no one closed down the good ol' LCBO just down the road ;)

The concerns raised about the university being small, are ridiculous I believe. I come from a private high school which consists of roughly 40-50 people. THAT is small. I've been to public schools, I know what they are like. If for some people the small size seems as a disadvantage, because you cannot add a thousand people from your classes as your facebook friend, you are ridiculous. By having smaller classrooms, you are given a chance to be recognized by your professors by your face, and name. You can get on their good side, and may be become friends with them. I have met a few of the professors myself, and the ones of met, most of them are really cool, and funny. So you can get more individual learning and get a chance to ask questions, which makes learning so, so much easier.

Last thing I want to mention is the whole Mobile Learning, the entire "laptop rental". Yes it is crazy 1,500 a year for the laptop. You have to understand that you are not paying for the laptop. You are paying for the software license, you are paying for the opportunity to get free or very cheap repair opportunity for the computer. Also, think of it this way, the UOIT tuition is cheaper or almost the same in comparison to other universities, which are old and tacky. With all of the fees that includes the laptop, you WILL be paying almost exactly the same as for other unis, the laptop fee becomes insignificant, and why pay for for nothing in other schools, when here you pay more and receive a laptop with great new software. I read comments from people saying something really funny in my opinion, that the laptop is ugly. Believe me ladies, it is no more uglier than your UGGS, TNA, and CROCS. The laptop looks very professional, although it is a big heavy, but its something you have to deal with. The computer has a non glare screen, which you would get on very expensive laptops. And the specs are generally pretty great for the computer. It is a good solid machine, my friend spilled an entire can of coke all over the keyboard, the computer didn't break, but the keys were sticky, so the school replaced it for him, and in the time of repair gave him a loan laptop.

In my conclusion, UOIT is a wonderful school, I am super excited to be attending it. Hope this helped to anyone who is curious about it.

Phew! Now to get to my questions. I was wondering if anyone has an experience with particularly the Life Sciences program at UOIT, because that is my area of interest. Please provide me with your feedback. Also I want to go into teachers college afterwards possibly, and could I teach biology and chemistry with having to finish Life Sciences?

Thanks for reading! Good luck with your future studies!
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A photo of HappyNoodleGirl21 HappyNoodleGirl21
I go to UOIT for Forensic Psychology which is a Social Sciences and Humanities program. Personally, I wouldn't call The Regent Theater just "some old theater room"... it is actually a very nice theater with plenty of comfortable seating and great acoustics. Also, the reason it is away from the North Oshawa Campus is because it is part of the Downtown Oshawa Campus.

Lenanova1, have you checked out the Concurrent Education program at UOIT? I think that I might be a good fit for your future career goals. I have quite a few friends in Life Sci and they really enjoy the school and the program. According to UOIT's consecutive education program you must have: "a minimum of 30 credit hours in university courses (equivalent to five full-year courses, or ten half-year courses) in a first teachable subject and 18 credit hours (equivalent to three full-year courses, or six half-year courses) in a second teachable subject". So with the life sci program you should have enough credits to do bio, chem and possibly math as teachables.

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you have any other questions :colors:
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