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uOttawa commerce vs Western BMOS

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I got a tough choice to make sadly i missed the Laurier BBA cutoff by 0.8 of a percent plus apparently the ABS doesnt matter if all the spots can be filled with averages above the cutoff. All my other choices are top tier and i didnt get any of those so im left deciding between

uOttawa Commerce (Co-op) or Western BMOS

im leaning towards uOttawa as of now because of the co-op but besides that i dont really know much about uOttawa and Western is a great school but i dont like the BMOS designation so im stuck tryna decide. Anyone who has any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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If you're confident you can get into Ivey come 3rd year then go for BMOS.

If you don't want to take the risk go for uOttawa.

BMOS is not even a business degree, it's a social science degree.
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