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uOttawa Conditional Acceptence Question.

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I was just curious, if anyone is aware, how strict uOttawa is on conditional acceptances.
In my offer it states that i need to keep a 70% average minimum in my top 6, however if i have a 69% thats ok, and if i have a 68.5 or something its still alright, so they seem to be understandable.
Thats not my problem however, I can easily get a 70%. In fact, realistically my top 6 average will be around 83% which is significantly above the condition.
The problem I have is that in addition to a 70% top 6 average, I also need at least a 65% in both biology and chemistry. I got a 92% in biology, but in chemistry, I might not meet the requirement. I have a 68% now, and from those who had the class 1st semester, I heard that the exam is extremely difficult and drops everyone's average a few percent.

Considering that I am so far above all of uOttawas other conditions, and that they are so lenient with the 70% minimum, do you think that they would also be lenient about the condition for the 65% in chemistry, if i end up being a few percent ( one or two ) below that?
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