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uottawa life in res?

A photo of tikiwiki tikiwiki
What are the traditional single rooms at uottawa like? Im debating whether to apply for 90u or just go tradionial. If you're in a suite is it less likely to meet other people or is it easier? Except for the fact that 90u is nicer and bigger, is there any other benefits?
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A photo of TH3U TH3U
i only have been to carlton university in ottawa and the res live doesnt look that interesting..i unno dats my opinion
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A photo of RobbieF RobbieF
Don't listen to some person who hasn't even been here. I'm living in 90u right now and it's awesome, especially compared to the more traditional styles. Honestly, 90u is where it's at. It's the hardest res to get into because everyone wants to live in it. It's also the one that people tend to regret not going into when they pick another one. All of this in mind, you should take a tour and see for yourself!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
uOttawa residences suck. So much so they want to make you jump out windows and kill yourself.


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